Monday, September 7, 2015

Hulking out!

Hulk is one of those characters you always want to draw, which is why its surprising that I had actually never drawn him before. I think I really hit a new high in terms of shading here. I'm very happy with how this image came out, despite its flaws.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Harley Quinn

It's truly incredible how popular this character has become. I go to shows and see her cosplay everywhere. Men and women seem to love her equally for different reasons.

Personally, I love her look and personality. Strangely, I can't imagine her without the voice from the Batman TAS ringing in my head.

Teen Titans

My latest picture showing the characters from the old cartoon series.

Yeah that's right, this isn't Teen Titans Go, this is the OG series that never got the send off it deserved.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Its good to be back.

This is my display from SteelCity Con recently held at the Monroeville Convention center. I had a really good time at the show, and made back my table fees. Definitely will try to attend next year, and try to stay for all three days (I had to leave Saturday night due to work on Monday). I hadn't attended a convention since Matsuricon back in August 2013.

One thing that occurred at the show that made me happy was the near selling out of my comic series Psychic Soldier Kai, and the general level of interest for creator-owned material. I've been working on the series for the better part of six years, and I'm almost finished with the 4th issue. I only had approximately 6 issues per installment, so I wasn't expecting to sell much in the first place. However, with the falling prices of printers, and the rapid "arms race"  of people putting out prints and mini-posters showcasing popular characters, I figured the best way to stay competitive was to offer something different at my table.

In the end, it was a fun show, and I'm eagerly anticipating my next con appearance, which will be Appleseed comic con on May 16th in Fort Wayne Indiana.