Sunday, June 21, 2009


Glad I was finally able to do a Halo pic. This was a commission done for a friend. Very happy how it came out too. I'll have more very soon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Some people ask me what the heck I was thinking with this picture. Its really simple; This pic was for a contest on Basically the goal was to show pirates finding the "X". I decided to do this pic for 2 reasons;

1. I wanted to do a color piece with a background.
2. I wanted to use an angle I don't usually get to utilize.

In the end I won the contest, and this remains a personal favorite of mine. :)

A lot of people also say that I didn't use shadows in this picture. I'm always surprised by this. There's a reason why the ground gets darker once you get passed the female pirate standing with the sword....

Ben 10

My nephews loved this picture, and I loved drawing it for them. There's something awesome about giving a kid a unique picture of his favorite character. Money, toys, etc. can't replace it. You're giving them something that only they have, and they really treasure it.

As for Ben 10, great show with a great concept. The main reason I was excited about doing this was because I knew the colors could really rock this picture and make it something special. I wasn't disappointed.


I did the Bishamon pic on the bottom for Udon's Darkstalker tribute competition. Didn't quite make it in, and that was a little disappointing. However at the same time, I'm very proud of the piece. I like how the colors turned out, and I got to draw a kick-ass Samurai demon. How cool is that? As for the Anakaris pic, its one of my personal faves. I really like how I did the headdress and the wrappings in this picture.

Colonel Mustang: Full Metal Alchemist

My favorite anime of all time. Great story and great characters. They're actually doing a reboot of the original series to make it more closely follow the manga. Hope it turns out well.

Fantastic Four

My favorite group of superheros after the X-Men. I've always enjoyed the fantastic four. I think my favorite run is the John Byrne run in the early to mid 80s. The crazy thing about that was that Byrne was doing FF and X-Men at the same time! Talk about a beast!


My most recent illustration. I've been dying to do a Hellboy pic for a long time, and I'm extremely proud of it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.